• When: 8/2/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Van Damme, Schrute, Italian Job, Jelly, Oglethorpe, Rooster, Reborn, Kashmir, Bill Nye, Squid, Canseco, River Rat, Pink Panther, Big Fundemental, Mayhem, Chuckie, giamidie(forgive me if I spelled that wrong),

Met in the gloom, Brief disclosure and into SSH the right over left 10 count then left over right 10 count

and we were off. Mosey to neighborhood where Italian job lead us in the pledge. Mosey to wall for 3 rounds of wall squat and 10 merkins

mosey to stop sign

ran loop stopping at each light pole for 5 squats

at end did 100 lbc. Shared word from proverbs 14:23 talking on strength. Mosey back to church

four corner or should I say sides

sprint at front bearcrawl side lunge back bear crawl side for 3 rounds as Bill Nye showed us how bear crawls were done

gathered at back counted off one two. The twos did lbc while the ones frog jump burpee lentgh of back of church then sprinted back swapped with twos and ones did lbc till twos completed.

Jail break to COT for some last minute American hammers.

Great work guys. It is awesome being part of the rock region each of you inspire me daily.

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