Ran to Oakland Ave

    • When: 08/2/2017
    • QIC: Honeypot
    • The PAX: Burgundy, Popeye, Ryder, Blueprint, Ponytail Jackhammer, Zebra, Ringo, Klinger, 155, Chisel, Money Bags, Honeypot

Disclaimer was given

No FNG today


50 SSH (IC)

LoR touch your toes (10c)

RoL touch your toes (10c)

Reminded guys to get their vest and head lamps if they had them.

Mosey 1.7 miles to Glencairn Garden

We stop at the bottom of the hill and we ran up the hill to Oakland Avenue. At each light post we did 5 merkins (15 light post). At Oakland we did 25 Merkins.

10 count

Long Mosey back to the comporium building for the pledge. 2 miles to the flag. We did some plank work, Merkins and mountain climbers for a 10 count after every mile.

After the pledge we Mosey back to the COT for some more merkins and mountain climbers.

5 miles covered at BTC

Count off



Prayers and Praises




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