Rope Your Wagon to the Stars

    • When: 08-03-17
    • QIC: PCH
    • The PAX: Ryder, Boomer, Gauge, Rooster, Herbie, Yolk, Jester, Friday Night Lights, Tombstone, Rewind, FNG (Rabbit), Blue Print, Hot Sauce

Come on out to The Tavern for some PCH mischief. Fartsacking is not an option. Post here post there… Just git yur carcaus engadged for the push.

Posted by Bill McSwain on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So another F3 workout to bring out the creative juices.  The morning gloom pushed out with greatness.  Weather 64 Clear 0 wind.  I pulled into the Tavern parking lot to see the COT building already.  I get a buzz anytime I see others stretching and mubble chattering before the workout.  It’s a great way to jazz up for the push.

I brought out my props for the push:
— 14 Jump Ropes (home made goodness)
— a steel pipe 3′ length with flanges Weight (heavy)
— Bricks for 10 gents

The opening words were given and the first exercise.
SSH x50
The ropes come out.
Figure 8 with the rope to warm up
Jump rope with the rope x50
First Left foot into the rope and keep the rope tight raise up and down x30
then Right x30
Down onto your six and put left leg into the rope and keep tight leg and arms back and forth x 30
then Right x30
Now both legs in the rope x20

recover and 30 merkins
60 LBC

Everyone takes their bricks and circle up.  (2 gents have jump ropes)
one gent gets the steel pipe and is the time mechanism he curls x 30
each time the pipe moves the bricks get new exercises. to include:
—L R reaches
—tricep ext.
— bricked hammers
—grave diggers
—wide leg squat pushes
—over head claps
—shoulder taps
—wide arm squat pushes
—skier reach

after 30x curls everyone passes what they hold to the gent on their left.

Every PAX gets a chance to handle the pipe.

Back to the ropes

jump rope x30

american hammers x20

merkins 30

SSH x 50

10 bomb jacks

10 burps

YHC shared a word on discipline.  I enjoyed a quote provided on FB by Zebra that spoke to

Motivation will die… let discipline take its place

For me this rings true.  I’ve seen it lived and it is so very important.  Also my bud Rasta shared some deep words at the Bunker Hill AO that set on me.  I encouraged the PAX to read the word more.  The Bible holds the key.  I admit I read too little and could stand to grow a whole heck of a lot more in that direction.

With that given we called it done and counted off.

Took prayers and praises

Named our newest FNG.
Welcome Rabbit to the fold.
Prayer out


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