Dude… What’s up?

    • When: 7/22/17
    • QIC: Peach
    • The PAX: Pawpaw, Ironsight, Samurai, Freon, Pistol, Anchorbar, Padeye, Dialtone, JAG, Mr. Big Stuff, and YHC Peach

The Thang:


Warm up with short mosey and

30 SSH

20 IW

15 WM


Jump into a burpee ladder. 10 down to 1, separated by favorite movie titles and lines.


Mosey to backlot for some Blackjack on the blacktop.

Merkins and LBCs. Round the horn for praises and thanksgivings.


Mosey to band practice field for Starfish/BLIMPS hybrid. Punctuated with PAX concerns and prayer requests.


Jailbreak to COT


3 minutes of Mary


Moleskin: We tend to look at the “Facebook lives” of others, and assume they’ve got it all figured out. That somehow they’re riding a perfect wave that we can’t seem to even find. The reality is that everyone has their struggles, challenges, and even demons. We are here to be God’s representation on earth. To offer an assist. To offer encouragement. To just let someone know that we’ve fought that particular dragon too. Hard to really do that if you don’t talk with your brothers enough to know what’s going on in their lives.


Make yourself available. Make yourself a friend. Be God’s representative.

Peach, out!


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