Boats and Bros

    • When: 8/5/17
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Schrute, Burgundy, Hotsauce, Pikachu, Kindergarten Cop, Italian Job

YHC was honored to lead 5 strong for a mumblechatter-filled kayak-themed workout at Camino Del Rio. Here’s what we did…


15 MNCs
10 Windmills
L over R
R over L
Middle Stretch

The Thang

Lap around the field (note: Burgundy, Hotsauce, and Schrute’s mosey is much faster than most)
25 Dips
25 Derkins
15 Seal team sit-ups while holding the kayak
10 Team presses with the kayak (Omaha’d out due to fear of crushing our faces prompting Burgundy to say, “Let’s be honest, mine is the only face that matters.”

Long mosey to river whilst carrying the kayaks (for future reference, 1 mile mosey with a kayak is tough).
Take turns paddling to the rocks and back
Exercises while we wait
Mosey back to COT stopping periodically for kayak shoulder shrugs.


Incorporating the river into a workout has great potential. Carrying kayaks for a mile was a bad idea. Carrying them back was even worse. Thanks for the mumblecadence during warm-ups. No idea how many reps we actually did, but it was fun regardless. Also, nice pantyhose, Hotsauce. Are those prescription? Does Brett Favre endorse them? Schrute, thanks for driving across town for a more talk than substance workout. I think we all needed a rest day. We met a nice fisherman today. Burgundy learned that some guys don’t like being interviewed #SilentTreatment. BTW, Kindergarten Cop looks like a kayak instructor out there #professional. Great job out there Pikachu. For a man uncomfortable on the river, you looked like you knew what you were doing.

On a serious note, thanks for your patience while I tried some new things. Never be afraid to try – you may find something new that changes your world. The enemy of progress is complacency.

Keep pushing that rock,

-Italian Job

Name-a-Rama here https://youtu.be/jEroYIOo-oE

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