Iron Academy: The Bell Calls For Hills

    • When: 8/8/17
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: Bogey, Turbine, Pacman, Smiley Face, Honeypot, Pikachu, Burr, Socrates, Hawkeye, Felini, Whitney, Friday Night Lights, Apache, Hot Sauce, Bull, The Riddler(Q)

It was a nice morning, with a light rain that covered The Rock Region before I was a little hesitant of my plans. I arrived early, placed five cones at the top of the hill, one tennis ball with a number on each cone, and wrote a workout in front of each.

I tested the Hill to make sure it was not so wet that we would fall, and the conditions seemed to be fine. To ensure a Ohama had a back up, I wrote the workouts in chalk at another hill.

After the setup I headed to the AO.

The Thang

Mosey for a quarter of a mile

Stopped four times had pax do ten merkins

Back at the AO I had Pax Perform alternating merkins on the kettle bell.

Mosey down to hill Alternating Toe Taps on bell

Mosey to tractor supply Alternating merkins

Mosey to base of the Hill

Had the pax form five groups, there were a lot more Pax at this AO then I expected!!(Amazing Site Q Work Pacman!)

At the base of the hill I had one person from each team run to the top with the kettle bell and choose a cone to perform and exercise.

Each cone had a number on the tennis ball and the pax were to perform this number and then replace the tennis ball  from a bag at the top of the hill.


  2. Overhead Press
  3. KB Squats
  4. Halos
  5. Around the World

Then the pax would return to there team at the bottom and that pax would go up and perform the same exercise with the kettle bell in their hands.

The remaining pax performed various Kettlebell exercises called out by YHC and other pax. The idea was to not take a break.

Once Complete, I had all pax lunge up the hill with their kettle bells.

Mosey back to the AO 

Closed Kettle Bell Hops


Need for speed is coming up


Joe Torres

Prime Time’s Daughter going in for Chemo

Smiley Face – Praises for all the prayers

Honey pot’s family

Hawkeye prayers for the Lord’s daily protection


Thanks pacman for allowing me to lead at the AO, we only covered about a mile, but you can’t cheat when it comes to running hills!


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