BTC remembering Goliath

    • When: 08/09/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Animal, Burgandy, Popeye, Money Bags, 155, Honey Pot, Roxanne, Squad, Clinger, Penny Pincher, Pony Tail

Showed up this morning in the gloom and was well pleased to see the pax come rolling in. 11 men showed up to do good work. No FNGs short disclaimer and then we mosey. We ran from BTC to family trust

Animal led us in the pledge.

I shared 1Samuel 17:48, 18:5. Scripture states David ran to where Goliath was. He didn’t back down yet was eager for the challenge. 18:5 stated that Saul kept giving him challenges after he had victory.  Yet David always remembered Goliath

So we created a Goliath with 100 lbc OYO.

Then we ran to Manchester meadows. First parking lot: lunge from curb to curb then sprint to next curb. Rinse repeat four times.

Ran to next parking lot each light pole 5 merkins run between completed full loop.

Ran to large parking lot 10 squats each light pole run between pole complete parking lot.. rinse repeat.

Ran to flower bed. 5 step ups 5 merkins 10 step ups 10 merkins 15 step ups 15 merkins.

Ran back to family trust. In honor of the Goliath we did 100 lbc OYO.

Ran to York tech parking lot planked for the six then ran back to COT.

In honor of remembering the Goliath we did 100 lbc OYO.

Gathered around announcements, prayers praises and I prayed us out.

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