The Commons 8-11-17 Be Weary of Imitation

    • When: 08/11/17
    • QIC: Samurai
    • The PAX: Stinky, Pop Up, Jag (R), Klinger (R), Italian Job, Sandlot, Blueprint, Zebra (R), Vuvazella, Mr. Big Stuff, PCH, Chisel, The Big Fundamental, Mounty, Herbie

I had the privilege today to Q The Commons this morning with a total of 16 brave souls to weather the Sweatfest.  Not hard to sweat with the dew point at 70% to start the day.

The disclaimer was given quickly and off to the stretches and then the Pledge of Allegiance.   We formed 2 lines and circled the mall with an Indian Run and the rear Indian circled the line and ended up at the front of the line.  The first lap was a practice ad boy did we need it.  We ended up where the midnight crew wrote 12 different exercises on the parking spots for the PAX to perform.

We planked for the 6 and then Indian Ran better the second time around the mall and found a wall that was in need of some love.

Peoples Chair and each Pax performed 5 Merkins while we sweated.  Al Gore paid a visit next while we learned how to count to 10 a few times.  When you have a wall that needs love you also give it Balls to the Wall for a slow 10 count.  Mumble Chatter finally made its way into the PAX and off to the parking lot again for some Bear Crawls, Lunges and Toy Soldiers each a parking line long.  Rinse and Repeat and a final Indian Run around the mall to the AO and 5 minutes of Ab Lab.

We briefly spoke about Imitation, this is what our kids do watching us along with our work peers and friends.  Be mindful of how we act because there is always watching our actions.

Prayers and Praises were given along with announcements.

Again thanks for the opportunity to lead this group of High Impact Men!!!!!

Samurai out


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