The Commons: Hills, Focus Your Climb

    • When: 08/18/17
    • QIC: The Riddler
    • The PAX: Italian Job, Hydrant, Ryder, Blueprint, Pescador, Big Fundamental, Reborn, Pony Tail, Samurai, PCH, Rip Stick, Big House, Danger Zone, Mr Big Stuff, Herbie, Pikachu, Pop Up, Stinky, Money Bags, The Riddler(Q)

The Humidity planned on attacking the lung again this morning in the #RockRegion. As always I had multiple game plans, but I took a two mile mosey to clear the fog before leading a strong group of 20! Yeah you read that right 20 High Impact Men at the amazing AO The Commons!

Money Bags was rolling in hot so I had us warm up with the following:

Merkins 10

Squats 10

Then we turned to my favorite the good ole Mosey!

Made our way as a group to my favorite location at Eagles Nest the Amphitheater(The Big Show).

Mosey was about .86 we took some stairs at Burns to get the legs ready for what was to come.

The Thang

20 Leg Throws at the stage

Run up to the Top

20 Hello Dollies

Rinse and repeat up and down drop by one each time you reached the bottom

When Pax Reached 10 of each I had us switch it up

10 Right Leg Squats at the bottom

10 Left Leg Squats at the top

Rinse and repeat until we all finished(Or Got Close)

Had the pax form a line and we ran every row of the Big Show to the top.

Then lunges across the top

Herbie gave us a ten count via Burpees(Amazing form!)

Then a Mosey back to COT


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I spoke about training for my 50k in september. Training is super important but neglecting your family at home is something that you should never do. Always take the time to focus at home on your family. You can’t be a leader out here in F3 if you are not a leader at home. Every Hill is set to be conquered, every race can be completed, every family needs a father. Luckily we have grace from a father, who helps us climb mountains figuratively and physically.

Prayers for a family in IJ’s neighborhood, daughter was hit by a car while running

Prayers for a family that Mr Big Stuff is close to, a father is taking care of his Son’s four children while trying to find his son.

Thanks for letting me lead Blue Print! Thank to the 20 guys that came out to support me, it was really awesome to see the crowd!

Riddler Out!!

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