The Next Big Thing 3F “Lounging and Learning” at The Tavern AO

    • When: 08/24/17
    • QIC: Apache
    • The PAX: All The Brothers of F3 nation


What does F3 mean to You?

The 3 F’s stand for




We have a total of 21 workout AOs in the Rock Region for plenty of Fitness. But only 1 AO location Petra’s Bibles and Biscuits for the Spiritual workout, we have made great strides to learn together different aspects of each other’s faith.

With that being said we will be launching a Thursday “Lounging and Learning” 3F Group at The Tavern AO

Start 0445

End 0515

Bring a chair, headlamps, and willing to dive head first into the word with your Brothers.

Our Goal is to have a 3F Men’s Group 7 days a week at every AO the ROCK REGION has.

As We grow stronger Physically and spiritually together Today. Tomorrow will be a better day for Us, Families, Friends, and Community.

Be the High Impact Male you needed when you were growing up!

Step out your comfort Zone and HC to Q Today

This week will be The Italian Job.

For more details contact myself or Smiley Face

Aye! Apache!!! ???

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