• When: 8/24/17
    • QIC: Slow Pitch
    • The PAX: Burr, Honey Pot, Jelly, The Riddler, Pescador, Mayflower, Mongo, PCH, Paw Paw, Chips, Mounty


Man the weather was amazing this morning 72° – makes me ready for those fall runs! Rolled in and went to the place I left my headlamp last week and to my surprise  it was still there, although it had been run over and crushed but hey, I got it back. So a trip to Wal-Mart will be made today because I’ll need one ASAP! I was excited to Q here since I haven’t actual Q’ed this AO yet, although I was site Q for a few months.

0500 rolled in just on time and we circled up, No FNG’s so right to it – Pescador came in hot right as we started

SSH IC – x1 – Yes 1 is all we needed, I thought that would get the Mumble Chatter started and it did.

The Thang
Circled around the flower bed to pick up Pescador and were off for a 1.25 mile mosey to the Coupon Pile at Eagle Lighting Inc off of Grayson Rd. Stopped along the way at the flag pole for Pledge of Allegiance at Matthews Construction Company. Honey Pot reminded me I didn’t give the disclaimer right as we were passing Founders at which time I shouted the disclaimer in mid run – Fortunately no one got injured and tried to sue us………..

Instructed the Pax to grab a good size coupon (Honey Pot grabbed a freaking Huge one) and that we were going to do AMRAP of the below exercises and after each exercise an AYG run to the Serenity Club (1/2 mile round trip) and Jog back. The object was to use good form, once you start losing form and needing to Modify, you were done and off on your run. Plank on the 6.  Push yourself, we didn’t get up a 430am to come out here to walk around

Exercises (all using your coupon)
Shoulder Presses
Tricep Extensions

Repeat the above but OMAHA’ed and shortened the run by half due to time. We made it to Curls and instructed PAX to finish out with AMRAP of Man Makers with your coupon, make the AYG run and then mosey back to COT.

Made it back at 0602, everyone covered 5+ miles.

Prayers and Praises

Slow Pitch out!

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