Freed from Slavery

    • When: 08/26/17
    • QIC: Catfish/Reborn
    • The PAX: Italian Job, Burr & 2.0 (Speed Racer), Lagerhead, Popeye, Burgundy, Boomer, Crusader, Macchu-Picchu (FNG/R), Cornerstone, Pac Man, Walker (R), Nail Pop, Piccachu, Iron Sight, Roxanne, Incoming, Catfish (QIC), Reborn (QIC)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and 17 other HIM decided to join Catfish and YHC at The Patriot. This is a great AO the Rock Region has and we should not take it for granted. Catfish and I have had many mornings Rucking together, so it was only fitting that he and I lead a workout together. After Catfish gave the F3 Disclaimer we began with the warmup.


The warmup included the following all in cadence with the exception of the Burpees: 5 Burpees, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Merkins, 5 more Burpees because Crusader showed up a little late and missed on the first round.


Today we had the blessing to use Burr’s Hoyt chariot to use during our workout and to have the presence of his daughter Sadie with us. So we did an Indian Run from the COP toward the hill at the back of the Winthrop lake for the fun to begin. The entire time we were pushing Burr’s daughter at the front of the line.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the hill the PAX noticed what was strategically placed before them . . . The Wheel of Fortune (or Misfortune). So we circled up around the wheel and took turns spinning it. The PAX who spun the wheel was to run with the Hoyt racing chariot to the top of the hill and back while the rest of the men stayed back and performed the exercise that the wheel fell on after being spun. The exercises are listed below: Plank, Merkin, Prison Cells, Bomb Jacks, Monkey Humpers, American Hammers, Diamond Merkins, Burpees, Apolo Ohnos, Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Squats, and Dealer’s Choice.

I really don’t know how many times the wheel was spun, but it was enough to receive a decent Saturday morning workout. There was some epic mumble chatter all morning and we had the opportunity to see a hot air balloon take off from the campus.

We then did an Indian Run back to the COT and had a little Ab-Lab and 5 more Burpees before our time was up.


Great work today men. You are all getting stronger and growing as leaders in our communities. Keep focused and remain in the fight.

Exactly one year ago today I was finishing my week long stay in the hospital where my neurologist was re-evaluating my epilepsy. As I rode home with my M and 2.0s I could only think about my week off of F3 and the rest of life. I had spent a full week in a hospital room being videoed and listened to. I could not even leave the room for just a minute. I had a ceiling camera following my every move. I was finally free to leave the room because my doctor had determined what he needed to do to move forward in the controlling of my disease. He had changed my medication and so far, for a year it has worked.

As I left that building I could only think of the others who were not able to go home. Those who were still at the hospital who would not make it out. What were they thinking and how are they holding up? What joy do they have waking up to the same routine each day? Will they ever be fully satisfied? Do they feel trapped?

This is the same as our salvation in Christ Jesus. Do we feel trapped spiritually? Are we full of joy knowing where our eternity will be? God freely gave His son Jesus Christ so we could have that joy and be free. So we could live eternally with Him. So we would be satisfied with this life knowing where we would be after leaving this earth.

If you feel trapped spiritually, I urge you to talk to one of your F3 brothers, your pastor, your M, someone who can lead you to the One who will release those chains from you.

John 8:31-32 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Nun Run – Speed for Need – Sept. 16 – Sign up now.

New Weekly 3rd F Event – Thursdays at the Tavern – 0445-0515 & 0600-0630.

P200 is coming up. Sign up or join a team.


Pad eye’s Recovery.

People in Texas suffering from Hurricane.

Reborn’s Aunt who has cancer.

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