Lounging and Learning at The Tavern AO

    • When: 8/31/17
    • QIC: JAG / Boomer
    • The PAX: F3nation


This Thursday At The Tavern AO we have two options open for the weekly Lounging and Learning.

Two of the Highest Impact Men around JAG and Boomer.

Bring your Chair, headlamps and refreshments and get ready for Betterment with your Brothers

  • 1st option our Brother JAG will be leading the message from 0445 til workout start
  • 2nd option our Brother Boomer will starting at end of workout and end  around 0630

An awesome opportunity to hear two different HIMs bring a different aspect of the Word.

Attendees want be disappointed.

HC today for next week’s Lounging and Learning

Aye Apache

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