Man makers for everyone

    • When: 08/29/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Apache, Popeye, catfish, samurai, cricket, PAC man, jelly, river rat, destiny, pony tail, pic a chew, red bone, Roxanne, smiley face, Fellini, Whitney, Socrates, zapper

Man makers for everyone!!!!  Opened with no FNGs short disclaimer then into work out

SSH x 20

Man Makers count down from 10 to 1= 55

circle up in people chair and passed 36lbs kettle for 3 rounds. Then dropped an inch and passed it again for one round. Rinse repeated for another round

indian ran with 20lbs kettle to back of academy

lined up on wall for wall squat. Hold out kettle for count of 10 pass to pax next to you then you complete 5 hand stand push ups then back to wall squat

indian run back to start

everyone grabbed their bell

30 lbc

20 flutter kicks

recover then moseyed to hill

Lt. Dans down hill / 20 tricep extensions

lunge to top of hill / 20 triceps extensions

mosey back for four corners

first corner 5 man makers second corner 4 man makers third corner 3 man makers 4 corner 2 man makers cot 1 man maker total = 15

back at COT for announcements praise / prayers. GREAT JOB TODAY GUYS. IT WAS TRUELY AN HONOR TO LEAD YOU IN THE GLOOM

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