Old Town Reunion Tour

    • When: 8/30/17
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Schrute, Van Wilder, Burgundy, Ponytail, Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Walker, Mailman, Sgt. York, Reborn, Riddler, Bogey, Catfish, Italian Job

In the words of the great Burgundy, “Holy Smokes” that was fun. This morning brought a special contingent 14 of the old guard to Old Town. This popcorn Q was a crowd pleaser. So much upper body. Here’s what we did…

The Thang

  • Italian Job – Mosey to the Freedom Center for Bear Crawls up the stairs and Crawl Bears down (x2)

Mosey to Fountain Park

  • Mailman – 25 SSHs (IC), 20 Low Slow Squats, and 25 MNCs (IC)

Mosey to the Echo Chamber

  • Bogey – 5 Burpees OYO, 10 Merkins, Suicides, 5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the Ampitheatre

  • Tinker Toy – Partner Wheelbarrow up w/ Merkins at each level, Flap Jack, 10 Partner Merkin Dips, Flapjack, 5 Prison Cells

Mosey to the small Hot Box

  • Catfish – Burpee Broadjump up the ramp
  • Reborn – 20 Derkins, 20 Dips, 20 Irkins
  • Walker – 25 Diamond Merkins, 25 Squats, 10 Plyo Merkins

Mosey to the alleyway downtown

  • Kelvin – People’s Chair taking turns doing 5 Merkins, Elevators (4 levels x10)
  • Burgundy – 25 LBCs, 25 American Hammers, 25 Flutters, 25 Crunchy Frogs

Mosey downstairs

  • Riddler – 2 Rounds of The Clapper (hold the plank and rotate down the line doing partner hand slaps)

Mosey to the lower lot

  • Schrute – 2 laps varying speeds
  • Ponytail – 20 Flutters, 20 Box Cutters

Mosey to the flag downtown for a VDub-led Pledge.

Mosey to COT


It actually hurts to type. Who knew when given the chance to kick it old school, we would make it painful? Honestly, I think we all expected it. Great mumblechatter today, fellas. It felt like old times with the old crew in Old Town. Thanks for coming out for a trip down memory lane. Awesome time with some awesome Pax.

Until next time,

Italian Job

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