• When: 08/31/17
    • QIC: Boomer
    • The PAX: Apache, JAG, Stockyard, Ryder, Fryin' Pan, Tombstone, Mortimer, Crusader, Yolk, Herbie, The BIG Fundamental, Blue Jeans, Jester, White Hat, Fair-weather, Bull, Bogey, 155, Hot-spot, Slow-pitch

21 HIMs braved the cool, soft rain to com out and better ourselves this morning.  This morning’s Q was in honor of the one and only 155 (John Rao) who is one of the many anchor HIMs in our region.  So with that, may I introduce the 155 Q

  1. Disclaimer was given \ No FNGs
  2. Warm up – 155 side straddle hops in cadence with the first 15 HIMs counting off 10 each, I took the last 5
  3. Mozy across the street to the Harris Teeter parking lot.
  4. Paired up – you against you but paired up for accountability and encouragement
  5. The Thang-155 merkins, 155 LBCs, 155 squats but when you needed a break, you mozy across the whole parking lot to the pharmacy and back
  6. When you finished you pick up the 6, so we all finish together
  7. Lined up with our partner – #1 bear crawled to the long parking spot line, then high knees to the next one, mozy back #2 was bangin’ out Freddie Mercurys & switch it up
  8. Mozy back to AO sticking to the road
  9. Spoke on John 15:5 (again, 155…John…stick with me..see it now?)
    I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.
    In our western culture we’re all about getting things done, performing, checking boxes.  It’s very easy to do that with our time with the Lord.
    Abiding is all about relationship and love between our perfect heavenly father and us as His sons. Abide = spend time with and rest & receive.  We spent 45 minutes out here today to make ourselves better but how many of us will spend 45 minutes with our Father who loves us and is worth so much more today?  Will you?  Will I?
    Abiding means giving up control, what areas of your life are you hanging on to?  What are you not praying about?  What are you afraid of or won’t let go of? Abide in HIM and let you Father have it b\c it’s so much better off with Him than with you. Spend time with Dad today b\c you are His son and that’s it.  It’s all about identity – “Son” means co-heir with Christ, it’s a term of, privilege,  legal status and relationship.  This is who you are.  Period.

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Love to all,

Boomer out

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