Are You Prepared?

    • When: 08/31/17
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: The Riddler, Honeypot, Ponytail (R), Pac Man, Van Damme, Boilermaker, Burr, PCH, Reborn (QIC)

8 other fast and strong HIM decided to roll out of the fartsack this morning and post with YHC at Wally World for some miles and smiles. My question of the day was ‘Are you prepared for each day as you approach it?’ See the NMM for more on this question. After I gave the disclaimer we started with the Warmup.


Side Shuffle both ways, Kariokes both ways, High Knees, and Butt Kickers. I then explained The Thang to the PAX.


Go from where we started for about 50 yards in a slow jog then start intervals at your pace. 6-Minutes 10K or better pace:1-Minute recovery jog. As far as you can go until about 5 minutes before 0600. The PAX did a great job today running and fellowshipping. I am extremely humbled to be a part of this Rock Region and am excited to see where it will go from here. At 0555 we performed some Ab Lab until 0600.


Are you prepared for each day as you approach it? I asked this to the PAX because I was not prepared for this workout today. I had planned to recon the area the couple of days before, but time and scheduling never allowed me to. So today I showed up not prepared. I asked the PAX for forgiveness and told them the only thing I could do was post my Q and recon earlier.

Thankfully they forgave me and we moved on. I then asked them if they were spiritually prepared to face their maker. We better ourselves everyday physically but are we doing the same spiritually. Does what we do at F3 in the morning compare to the rest of our lives?

If we aren’t prepared, how do we lead our communities? How do we lead our M’s, our 2.0’s, our F3 brothers, our coworkers? We cannot lead unless we are prepared. We cannot lead unless we are being led. Are you being led y this world or your maker.

You have a choice to make. What will you do today to be prepared?


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