Four Corners and Fountain Gazing

    • When: 08/31/17
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Smiley Face, Pikachu, IronSight, Stinky, Pop Up, Cardigan, Cracker Jack

On the day of my 30th F3 post, I was honored to lead 7 men in the rainy gloom.  Disclaimer was given and the 5 tenants of F3 were reviewd. No FNGs were present so we got started.
Warm Up
  • SSH – 20 (4ct)
  • Left over Right – 10 ct
  • Right over Left – 10 ct
  • Don Quixote (aka Windmill) – 20 (4ct)
The Thang
  • Mosey to Panera
    • Explained the 4 corners idea to the PAX. Starting at Station 1, we did 2 reps of each of three exercises (upper body, lower body, abs). We then moseyed to the next station and did an Apache 10 count. For those of you who don’t know, that is where a member of the PAX tells a little bit about themselves so that others get to know you a bit better. Then we did Station 2’s three exercises but this time with 4 reps. Mosey again, Apache 10 count again, 6 reps…you get the idea.  We did two cycles (8 stations total, ending on 16 reps at the last station).
      • Station 1 (Panera) – Burpees, Squats, BB Sit-Ups
      • Station 2 (Michaels) – Merkin, Bobby Hurley’s, Flutter Kicks
      • Station 3 (TJ Max) – Seal Jacks, Monkey Humpers, Hello Dolly’s
      • Station 4 (UPS) – Overhead Claps, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers
  • Mosey to fountain and did final Apache 10 count so that every PAX got a turn.
    • SSH – 20 (4ct)
    • Dips – 20 (oyo)
    • Seal Jacks – 20 (4ct)
    • Step-Ups – 20 each leg (oyo)
    • Overhead Claps – 20 (4ct)
    • Irkins – 20 (oyo)
    • Moroccan Night Clubs – 20 (4ct)
  • Mosey to Hill behind TJ Max
    • 5 hill sprints – I had planned on doing 5 merkins at the bottom and 5 merkins at the top, but time was short so we omaha’d that and just did the sprints.
  • Mosey to Movie Theater Railing
    • 20 PullUps
  • Mosey to AO for COT

We returned to COT right at 6am. Did count-o-rama, and name-o-rama, shared announcements.


I shared how even though all but one of these HIMs had only known me for about 2 months, they trusted my leadership.  They allowed me to lead them to be better men even though I knew little to nothing about them personally, if they had any injuries, or what burdens they might be carrying with them.  As fathers, we expect (or at least hope) that our 2.0s will hear, listen, and obey when we ask/tell them to do something. But recently I have been really struck with the idea that I would willing come to F3 and submit to the Qs leadership knowing full well that they don’t know me (other than perhaps recognize my face and know my F3 nickname) but there are many times when I don’t submit to God’s leadership in my life.  I read his Word but do I, without fail, obey His leadership over my life – and He knows everything about me (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and loves me anyway. I challenged the PAX to listen and obey God’s leadership in our lives today.

Honored to lead this group of HIMs in the gloom this morning.

Polymer out.

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