Labor Day Happenings

    • When: 09/04/17
    • QIC: Reborn/Padeye/Ringo/Slow Pitch
    • The PAX: All Rock Region PAX

The following is what is happening in the Rock Region on Labor Day, Monday 09/04/17:

Workouts are at normal times.

Old Town; 0500-0600; Ponytail Q

Big Guy; 0515-0600; Schrute Q

Independence; 0515-0600; Waterboy Q

Night at the Museum; 1930-2015; Paw Paw Q

2nd F breakfast opportunity after all workouts @ Rock Hill Diner. We have a space reserved. 2.0s are invited if they are awake.

Extra Announcement: We will be having a sending off time at Old Town for the 13 HIM from the Rock and Fort Mill Regions that are going to Colombia at the end of next week for their Mission Trip including our own Italian Job.

All mission teammates have been invited. If you don’t make it to Old Town and post somewhere else, please be praying for them. They are named below:

Chris Richard – Crawdaddy; Andrew Block – Maximus; Dustin Jordan – Italian Job; Brian Mullen – Cake Boss; Will Uter – Deacon; Jon Topham – Sir Topham Hat; Woody Axton – White Lightning; Mark Koncz – Toto; Kevin Stump – Bonzai; Charlie Thompson – Flat Tire; Chris Williams – Rebel; Ken Massey – Bubba; & Charles Keenum – Mr. Clean.


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