Horizontal vs Vertical

    • When: 09/05/17
    • QIC: PonyTail
    • The PAX: Boomer, 155, Big House, BluePrint, Sandlot, Pescador, Ryder, The Riddler, Honey Pot, Klinger (Respect), Chips, PonyTail (Respect)

11 HIM’s of the Rock Region joined YHC today at Wall Street for miles & smiles.  No FNG’s were present so after a quick disclaimer we jumped into the warm-up which included SSH, Windmills, Seal Jacks, Cherry Pickers, Calf stretches, L/R & R/L.  I instructed the PAX that today would be a Big House special – mosey around and stop a few times for some extra credit.


The Thang –


We rolled out of the AO and headed towards Ebenezer Ave, turned left on Ebenezer and stopped at a well lit area behind Thomas & Leitner Orthondontics for some core work which included 50 flutters, 6 inches, box cutters, LBC’s & Freddy Mercuries.  With legs loose and core tights we headed down Ebenezer and stopped at Rinehart Realty and recited the the Pledge of Allegiance.  This was followed by a 10 set of Jack Webbs (merkins with overhead claps).  After a quick recovery we headed back down Ebenezer for some frogger as there were several ladies out running and the traffic was unusually heavy.  We then headed up Oakland Ave and stopped behind the 7-Eleven and allowed Boomer a pit stop while we took advantage of the low wall for a set of dips and Irkins.  We then re-gathered and headed across Cherry Rd to the front of the Winthrop campus to the monument to the left where we did another round of dips followed by a set of Dirkins.  Our recovery consisted of me sharing a verse that I shared with the PAX.


Colossians 3:23

Work Willingly at whatever you do as though you were looking for the Lord rather than for people

What this verse meant to me is that if we worked on our Vertical relationship with Christ with the same energy & enthusiasm that we work on our earthly horizontal relationships, how different would our lives be.  All too often, we worry about acting the right way, saying the right thing, and ignore things that are truly important.  My prayer today is that we would focus more on our vertical relationships with the same vigor as we pursue our horizontal relationships


We headed back down Oakland Ave. for another round of frogger and stood at the bottom of the Big Stuff hill for 2 rounds of NUR up and mosey down.  Time was running short so we rolled out & headed back to the COT.  We finished together, right on time, for about 4.6 total miles and upper body work.  We closed with praises, prayers & announcements.  We lifted up a prayer for Vuvuzella’s son Luka who was having surgery on this day.  Great job by all the PAX.  Thanks Sandlot for the opportunity to lead, always a privilege


PonyTail out –

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