When the Rooster failed to crow we were awoken by Science

    • When: 08/30/17
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Not sure... Sorry. Video recorded by someone else and I don't have facebook. 15 men total. I remember that 155 was there because of some epic crowing that occurred...

A typical PHOP morning- 4:40 pre-run with too few men (let me know if you want a personal invitation)

Back shortly after 5:00, men arriving, but Rooster has not shown up yet. I get the feeling in my gut that this ends poorly for me as site Q. You see, it had been a month since I asked him to do it and I hadn’t seen him since- part of the fault is mine here. I should have posted something on social media for others to pass on.

5:05- No Rooster

5:10- No Rooster

5:11- Yup, you guessed it.

5:12- OMAHA

Gather blocks, tires, two heavy buckets, and the big hose.

Tell the men to grab a partner- We have a plan (sort of) and work to do (most definitely).

Mosey around the church the long way

Mosey back to the stations where two men would be doing the activity:

  1. Tire flips and carry back
  2. Dips
  3. Mermaid kicks- Bad idea. Count on seeing them again someday
  4. Hammer time
  5. Kettle bell swings with a block (Cindy bell?)
  6. Curls
  7. Chest press with the buckets
  8. Run to the tree and back team carrying the hose. This was the timer for all the other activities.

Mosey to the bridge: Wall sits, Dirkins, Wall sits

Mosey back to the stations where a little shampoo is in order. Only change is we stretched out the run by having the men run to the other parking lot this time.

Clean up


Thanks for posting men!

Be sure to post on 9/20 when Rooster is on Q- I am ready for the redemption!

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