9-11-01 Tribute at Old Town

    • When: 09/11/2017
    • QIC: CSPAN
    • The PAX: Italian Job, Schrute, Animal, Longshanks, Mayflower, Ponytail, Boomer, Canseco, 155, Jelly, Honey Pot, Dingo, and Vuvuzela

Tribute workout with conditions overcast and cool at 64 degrees

Missed the disclaimer

14 #HIM showed knowing it was going to be a “hero” style workout

Couple did the pre-run (poor decision)

I tried to start early…2 more showed

And we were off to the “hot box”

Today had lots of numbers, but this tribute was to the 343 fire fighters who lost their lives on 9-11, and in their honor, we ran 110 flights of stairs…both up and down…or 220 total…

Longshanks pushed the pace and I brought in the six

My legs had regret early and often…the photo is from our moment of silence tribute upon our completion, it was an impressive group and the right kind of tribute NYFD who rushed into the unknown stairwells of 9-11-01

Indian run to COT

Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, and prayer or praise

Here is a fancy video from IJ https://youtube.be/5alx5bUzsRU

Honored for the invite on such an important day in our nations history #Semper-Fi



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