We ain’t Skeered! Just a little wind and rain

    • When: 9/11/17
    • QIC: Slow Pitch
    • The PAX: MLP

Wind and Rain, what more could you ask for for a F3 workout! One other brave sole joined YHC. Brief disclaimer and we were off

Warm Up


11 Seal Jack IC

The Thang

2001m (1.25) run down sidewalk to Nursery on Museum rd with ladder with below workouts every quarter mile

Yeah, this equals 9/11/2001! Such a tremendous day, I will never forget.

10 Merkins @ .25

10 Merks, 10 LBC @ .50

10 Merks, 10 LBC, 10 Squats,  @.75

10 LBC, 10 Merks @ 1

10 Merks @ 1.25

10 Burpees for fun

Long Mosey around  Dutchman Creek Middle School to Mt Gallant Elementary playground for below

10 Pull Ups, 10 Dips, 10 Box Jumps.

I noticed a golf cart at the Museum while we running to Mt Gallant so we moseyed back there. Wasn’t sure what they were doing.

It was MLP’s Dad so we continued on.

Ran to the side of the Museum for some IRMA work

I = 9 Iron Mikes each leg

R = 11 Russian Twist IC

M = 9 Merkins IC

A= 11 Arm Circles IC each way

Mosey to Steps at the back of the building just cause we had time, modified Dora

P1 ran steps, P2 did below exercises and flip flop until all done

100 Merkins,

100 LBC

100 Squats

Mosey back to COT just in time! MLP’s was ready roll as soon as we got back but overall we covered 3.5 miles and got a nice boot camp in.

No Announcements, I closed it out in prayers for our country, IRMA victims.

Slow Pitch out


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