The Patriot for a Triple VQ… Has it been done? Could it be done?

    • When: 09/02/2017
    • QIC: Fryin' Pan (VQ), Romeo (VQ), and FNG - forever to be known as MLP
    • The PAX: Hot Spot, FNG (Sydney Mullennix - MLP), Iron Sight, FNG (Dave Jenkins - Steel Curtain), Van Damme, Roxanne, Kindergarten Cop, Catfish, Socrates, Jelly, McEnroe, Romeo, and YHC (Fryin' Pan)

It was a great day for a Triple VQ this Saturday morning and 10 other HIM decided to join Fryin’ Pan, Romeo, and MLP (FNG) at The Patriot. After giving a brief word of thanks for the return of football, YHC (Fryin’ Pan) gave the F3 Disclaimer and Romeo began with the warmup. 🙂


The warmup included the following:

  • SSH (25) – in cadence (Romeo favorite)
  • MNC (25) – in cadence (MLP favorite)
  • Interval Warmups – two parking spots (20 steps) with OYO 5 Merkins OYO
    • Run Backwards – 5 Merkin OYO
    • Side Shuffle – 5 Merkins OYO
    • High Knees – 5 Merkin OYO
    • Sprint through remaining parking spots – 5 Merkin OYO
    • Mosey to the Grass for the Thang

Keeping with the football theme of the day we planned out 4 Quarters of training that included exercises in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Speed & Agility, Strength & Conditioning, and Endurance disciplines. “PHOP on steroids” was a description YHC later heard and a lot of thanks goes to CatFish for bringing everything in his backyard but the kitchen sink!

**** Pre- and Post- workouts were in the unloading and loading of Catfish’s truck.

  1. HIIT (40lb Sand Bag, Tire Flips Uphill, 8lb Weighted Slam Ball)
    1. Straight Leg Dead lifts (10)
    2. Bent Over Rows (10)o Front Squats (10)
    3. Ball Slams (10)
  2. S&A (Agility Ladder, Tire, Fire Hose)
    1. Speed Ladder – High Knees, Carioca, and In/Outs
    2. Tire Checks (Toe Touches)
    3. Fire Hose Drag/Sprint
  3. S&C (30lb Sandbag, 30lb Rucksack, Cinderblocks, and 100+lb Log)
    1. Zercher Squats (30lb Sandbag or Rucksack) with option for Overhead Press (10)
    2. Log Flips or Partner Squat/Shoulder Presses
    3. Coupon Carry (Cinder Blocks)
  4. Endurance (10lb KB, 35lb iron plates, 25lb iron plates)
    1. KB Swing (25) and Sprint (10yds)
    2. Suitcase Carry with weighted plates (40ft)
    3. Battle Rope (25/arm)
  5. Omaha(s)
    1. Walter Payton (Sweetness) – straight sprint up the hill
    2. Jerry Rice – zigzag sprint up the hill

ANNOUNCEMENTS• Read the Newsletter• Nun Run – Speed for Need; Sept. 16 —- Sign up now• River Rat Ramble – Redux; rescheduled for September 23-24, 2017• Walk to End Alzheimer’s; September 30th in Downtown Rock Hill• New Weekly 3rdF Event; Thursdays at the Tavern – 0445 & 0600• Its’ not just Winter, P200 is Coming – Sign up or Join a team

PRAYERS/PRAISES• The communities affected by Hurricane Harvey in TX and LA• Kindergarten Cop with preparing for and anxiety in taking upcoming “teaching exams”• Fryin’ Pan on outcome of job interviews• Several healing, recovering, F3 Brothers• Bourne’s wife healing from recent car accident and for Bourne, who is downrange preparing for a deployment, to be comforted during this time away from family

Welcome FNGs: Steel Curtain — EH’d by Chuckie and MLP (Most Lethal Player) – EH’d by Romeo

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