You can always do 5 more

    • When: 09/12/17
    • QIC: Popeye
    • The PAX: Burgundy, Cardigan, PCH, Polymer, Goose, Apache, Yolk, Jester, Tombstone, Danger Zone, JAG, Ponytail, Money Bags, Stinky, Crusader, Hot Sauce, Pop Up, Anchor Bar, Mayflower, Italian Job and YHC

Better a day late than never.  21 PAX converged at Eagles Nest in the tail end of Hurricane Irma for a nice little workout given by YHC.   SO we all went Full bore and into the Abyss…

We warmed up with some stretched and SSH, Seal Jacks, MNC, and LSSquats.

Moseyed to the area between the West Center and Digorgio Center at Winthrop iono hopes to stay some what dry and find dry pavement.  Neither were found.

Plank up in a line.

each man got up and did quick feet drill down the line, in and out of the men in the plank.

Mosey to the Stairs next to the F3 playground.

Round 1 – Each man was asked to do as many Merkins as possible to failure. Then once done take a short rest and do 5 more. Then run up the stairs across to the other stairs down and back.

Apache did his in a rain puddle. (Look it up)

JAG showed us all up on this one.  Once everyone returned from the run JAG was still trying to push the Earth into a new Orbit. The man is a machine!

Round 2 – Do as many Squats as possible until the muscle burn was too much to bear. Then do five  more and run.

Mosey over to the picnic benches at the West Center –

Round 1 – 10 Merkins on the ground walk up to the picni table seat 10 Irkins walk up to Table 10 more walk it down 10 & 10 keep going until your partner got back from running down the length of the breezeway and back.

Round 2 – Same thing but dips on the seat.

Next, each PAX found a step or ledge some place and did 25 calf raises.  After that was done I asked if it burned no one said anything so we did 25 more. (That’ll learn ya.)

Mosey back to the COT where we did the Warm up again as a cool down.

In life we there are times at work, home or where ever we think to ourselves we can’t do any more to make a situation better. Life often times keeps pushing us until it burns like a good muscle burn.  That’s when we need to stop take a “10 count” then tackle the issue again and give it 5 more… then 5 more… then 5 more and so on.

AYE! Thanks for allowing me to lead you fine men!

Popeye OUT!

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