It’s raining gains

    • When: 9/12/17
    • QIC: Pacman
    • The PAX: Pacman, Turbine, Bogey, Bull, Socrates, Van Damme, River Rat, Lagerhead

The rain let up long enough for a few kettle bell swinging bros to have some mumble chatter and strengthen their cores!  Eight HIM showed up and we all made our way under the Sams club walkway as I figured swinging large weights may not be smart in the rain. Small warmup as follows


imperial walker

hillbillt walkers


5 Burpees to get us moving.

10 man makers (burpee with bell)
20 Two handed kettle bell Swings
20 Tricep extensions
20 Halos (10 each way)
5 Alternating Merkins on bell – diamond, left arm staggered , right arm staggered = one rep
20 Upright rows
20 Bent over rows (10 each arm)
20 Goblet squats
30 Power to the people (15 ea arm)
20 John travoltas (10 ea arm)
30 Curls (15 ea arm)
30 Overhead press (15 ea arm)

Once finished small mosey around the parking lot returned for some people’s chair then 15 donkey kicks, balls to the wall, 15 donkey kicks, balls to the wall, 15 smurf Jacks then another lap

We rinsed and repeated all above until time.

Really need to push for Pilgrims inn YHC may post some incentives for the pax to bring goods.  Possibly a burpee reward system where YHC will do burpees based on the goods and types brought for Pilgrims Inn.  Still brainstorming as I don’t want to Sasquatch myself here.

Thanks for coming out in the rain and getting stronger with me gents!



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