Leadership is the theme for the month

    • When: 09/13/17
    • QIC: Tinker Toy and Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Dingo, Screech, Chuckie, Big Fundamental, Schrute, Deacon, Red October, Rooster, Giamatti, Kashmir, River Rat, Drop Thrill, Flop

As a site Q scheduling (and checking on backblast) is a thing to keep an eye on. The phone lit up at 4:00 with the Q for the day calling out, so I started thinking about what we should do. No chop busting this time- a sick kid is a real reason to miss.

Met two other guys for a pre-run and both of them had ideas to contribute.

There just might be something to the three L’s of F3 (Leaders Leading Leaders)

We decided today should be a co-Q between Tinker Toy and YHC.

Bill Nye with the COP:

  • Ssh IC
  • 10 burpees OYO

Bill Nye theme song 2 times- I think every man should have his own theme song. Mine just happened to be easy to find.

  • Ssh on Bill
  • Burpee when it says Nye
  • Al Gore if you have time in between

Mosey around the church
Lt. Dan from the corner to the lamp
Sprint to the next lamp
Bear crawl to the end of the road
SSH for the 6

Mosey to the AO

Burpee broad jump the parking lot

10 burpees OYO

Hand over to Tinker Toy

Mosey around the church and set up for some 4 corners.
10 merkans
5 Burpee
25 squats
15 diamond merkans
5 prison cell Burpee
20 squats 20 lbcs

Circle up for some Bill Nye style Mary
American hammers IC
Flutter kicks IC
Heels to the heavens IC

Appreciate you posting. Appreciate the leadership demonstrated by men calling exercises, sweeping the 6, or not getting in their car when they realized who the second Q was going to be.

As always, it is a pleasure to lead.

Bill Nye

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