Suburban Adventure

    • When: 9/20/17
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Schrute, Van Damme, Hot Sauce, Moneybags, Honeypot, Padeye, Lil’ Bear, Torque Wrench, Ryder, Ponytail, Klinger, Chisel, Zebra, Italian Job

Fourteen men heeded the warning to bring running shoes, a headlamp, and a sense of adventure. All arrived on time, including Hot Sauce, and braced for a conversation pace of 4.3 miles with stops along the way. Conditions were nice – upper 60s and no rain. Here’s what we did…

The Thang
Quick stretching warm-up
· Knees straight 10 count stretch to the Middle, Right, and Left
· Standing Front Thigh Stretch
Mosey to the corner of Hood Center and S Garrison (mile 1)
· Broga (Honeymooner, Downward Dog, Left Hand High, Plank, Right Hand High)
Mosey to corner of Seven Oaks Blvd and Craven Hill Drive (mile 1.5)
· Flutters
· LBCs
· Hello Dollies
· Rosalitas
· Freddies
Mosey through Seven Oaks neighborhood stopping at Wakefield Way and Avalon Dr. (mile 2.2)
· Stretch OYO
Mosey to Manchester Creek Community Church (mile 2.6)
· 15 SSHs
· 10 Imperial Walkers
· 10 Good Mornings
· 25 Moroccan Night Clubs
· Calf Raises OYO
Mosey to S. Garrison and Progress Way (mile 3.1)
· 6 inches
Mosey to BTC, make one final loop around building (mile 4.3)
Close out with same stretches from beginning

Great job staying together, men. We have some new runners who battled through 4.3 miles and never looked better (looking at you Van Damme). It was great to see Lil’ Bear return. Thanks for taking care of the 6 Honeypot and Ponytail. Excellent push, Padeye – especially with you returning from IR. Raise your hand if you knew Chisel and Torque Wrench were so fast. Those guys are BEASTS! And in typical Klinger and Zebra fashion, you men blazed a path ahead where we just hoped to keep up. Schrute, Ryder, and Moneybags, thanks for the push this morning.
A friend of mine just lost her grandfather. Mr. Hugh lived to 105 years old and when he passed, he had all his affairs in order. He was ready. What about us? How did your last conversation go with your wife, your kids, your loved ones? Was it bitter? Were you too busy or too tired to carve out time for them? What if your last conversation with your wife was an argument? What if the last thing your kids remembered was how you were too tired to play with them?
We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Take time today to love your family. Hug your little ones a little tighter. Encourage your wife talk about her day when you really just want to relax on the couch. We build margin in our lives to work out, but do we build time for family and friends? Let’s be cognizant of what little time we have and make them worthwhile.

Italian Job

PAX struggling with decisions
Men going on the Elevation Outpost
Paula and her husband’s illnesses
Faith in God through our storms
Those in the path of Hurricane Maria
Honeypot’s family member with cancer
Padeye’s continued recovery

9/23 Runway at Kings Mtn
9/29 2nd F Movie Night
Still collecting supplies for Pilgrim’s Inn
9/30 Alzheimer’s Walk

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