Where’s that steep hill at?

    • When: 09/14/17
    • QIC: Tinker Toy
    • The PAX: Chernobyl, Riddler, Sgt. York, Schrute, Pacman, Slow Pitch, Honeypot, Paw Paw, Jelly, Hotspot, Tinker Toy (QIC)

11 Pax joined YHC for a little running. Launched out of the parking lot and YHC saw a hill…so that’s where we headed. Looped around the bank and back to the front of Wal-Mart for some People’s chair and BTTW. We then went toward the neighborhood area for some running and hill repeats. We stopped along the way for some merkins while the six caught up. We finally arrived at the hill I had heard about and it did not disappoint. I set a goal of 10 hill repeats of this monster with 10 merkins every time we hit the bottom of the hill (rest period). Everyone was able to get 5-6 hill repeats in before Honeypot reminded me that time was running out. Great job by all PAX as we covered over 4.5 miles, around 100 merkins, and plenty of hills to make our legs scream. As we got back to the COT, I reminded everyone that just as we pushed each and always had a brother beside us during the workout, we need the same in our daily walks with the Lord. Be that guy that helps carry his brother when needed. Thanks for the honor of leading men!! Aye!

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