The Runway flight 9-23-17 to KMSP for Trail Running

    • When: 9/23/17
    • QIC: Samurai
    • The PAX: Vuvazilla, Gauge, Moneybags and YHC


We took a small plane to the airways destination KMSP this cool brisk morning for 10 miles of the Sky-Q’s wonderful nature. We were lead by 2 gazelles and I will let you guess who these were through the woods and trails.

I used this for my long weekend run, Vuvazilla and Gauge used the run for Ragnar training and it looks like according to the Name-a-Rama, Moneybags questioned his decision. We all enjoyed the early weather and with the leaves falling it made the roots and rocks hard to pick out.  Which I must say sucked after falling multiple times.

After Ragnar is over we will find another adventure for The Runway. Your input is always welcome.

Samurai out


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