Golf balls?

    • When: 09/26/2017
    • QIC: Pink Panther
    • The PAX: Sandlot, Big House, Honey Pot, Pink Panther

Wall Street had plenty of space for SSH’s as four men faced the gloom and a Pink Panther workout.  A mysterious tool bag sat heavy on the pavement during warmups (stretching, SSH, windmills, little arm circles, and chinooks), and looked more like something TSA would flip about than anything that should be at a post.  It was discovered that the bag was full of golf balls (and maybe a couple bottles of water) and had to be carried by the PAX for the duration of the workout.  Any ground connection for this bag and everyone was doing burpees.  That was enough motivation to make sure the bag stayed nice and tight in the sweaty arms of these four men.

The set was:

1 mile run
Wall planks (10) (a Zebra find) + 20 dips
Rinse and repeat
Al Gore with calf raises – 20 seconds
Rinse and repeat while passing the bag
ATMs – x2 sets
Alphabet – 1 round
Partner set:
– 1 runs the hill while the other exercises
– 40 collective burpees + 300 LBCs
(Watch out for Honey Pot to throw the bag at you)
(Watch our for BurnBootCamp cars leaving in mass exodus)
Crab cakes – 10
Rinse and repeat
LBFCs – 20
Rinse and repeat
Floyd Mayweather – 10 each side
Rinse and repeat
Ring of Fire (we lost count)
Run in out

Mileage: 2.94 miles.

The PAX were encouraged to push other men to open up from time to time and talk about struggles and victories.  Men don’t like to bring that stuff up on their own!  Digging into each other’s lives reveals ways we can lighten each other’s burdens.  Digging into the tool bag revealed water bottles to consume and lighten the pack.

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