Smoked Shoulders and Toasted Tris

    • When: 09/26/17
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Reborn, Flop, Redbone, Hotsauce, Tomtom, Windex, Van Damme, Pikachu, Socrates, PacMan, Lucky Charm, Frying Pan, Italian Job, Apache, Samurai, 155, Popeye

I had the privilege today to lead 13 bell ringers in a tricep and shoulder beatdown. After a brief meet and greet, our four cucumber water runners took off and we jumped in. I informed the PAX there would be no running today, so here is what we did instead:
Warm Up
· 25 SSH (IC)
· 25 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)
· 25 Little Baby Arm Circles (IC)
The Thang
· 15 One Arm Row each arm
· 15 One Arm Press
· 10 Overhead Halos
· 10 Hip Halos
· 15 Crossover (Steph Currys)
· 20 Goblet Squats
· 15 LBCs (IC)
· 15 American Hammers (IC)
· 10 Merkins (IC)
· 15 Skull Crushers
· 20 Bench Presses
· 6” for a LOOOOOONG 10 Count
· 10 Rosalitas (IC)
· 20 Two hand tricep extensions
· 25 Curls
· 25 Calf raises (regular, in, out)
· 10 KB Swings
At this point we took a little break for stretching, then we went right back into a shampoo of the above. Only this time we mixed in:
· 10 Bobby Hurleys (with bell)
· 10 Good Mornings (with bell)
· Added about 100 more curls and 60 more tricep extensions
Cool Down
· 25 Moroccan Night Clubs (IC)
· 25 Little Baby Arm Circles (IC)
· 10 Overhead Claps (IC)
· 10 Chinooks (IC)
So a Naked Man Moleskin (NMM) is where we mention things that came up during the workout. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Mickey Mouse tank top Hotsauce was sporting. We all got a nice chuckle out of it until he grabbed the 34# big daddy gorilla bell and proceeded to perform nearly every exercise with that monster. TClaps to Mickey Sauce for bringing it today! The no running cheers quickly turned to jeers when we started the day with shoulders, shoulders, and shoulders #SorryNotSorry. And thanks for the slow 10 counts during the 6 inches. You boys were gluttons for punishment this morning.
Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning, Pacman. I don’t lift bells too often so when I do, I try to make it hurt. Thank you men for your perseverance and willingness to “tri” new things. Great job pushing through the pain this morning. I hope you fellas don’t have plans to lift your arms today because I think that may be tough.
Italian Job
Samurai’s mom battling pneumonia
Those battling cancer (155’s family)
The YPA football team – humility, safety, and fun
Frying Pan’s job opportunity
Riddler’s recovery from his ultra this past weekend
Movie Night Friday at Catfish’s
Alzheimer’s Run Saturday
1 Year celebration dinner Saturday at RoCo
Bourne Convergence Monday at Independence

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