Control your course

    • When: 10/02/17
    • QIC: Van Damme & Popeye
    • The PAX: Apache, Herbie, Dawg Pound, Zebra, Dial Tone, Pony Tail, Catfish, Socrates, Boomer, Big Fundamental, Big House, Pink Panther, Padeye, JAG, Jelly, Van Damme, Boiler Maker, Burgundy, Roxanne, Crayola, Mr Big Stuff, PCH, Italian Job, Lucky Charm, 155, TomTom, Parkour, Bourne, Jumper, Fellini, Pac Man, Hot Sauce, Schrute, Tinker Toy, Ringo, Torque Wrench, Pika chu, Twister, Anchor Bar, Chuckie, Smiley Face, Penny Pincher, Reborn, Cricket, Popeye

Today 49 PAX converged at Independence, shutting down all AO’s for a farewell send off to our brother Brandon Candee as he is deploying to Afghanistan as a Chaplain.  After the disclaimer, we move to the field next to Dinkins for our big group to spread out.


  • 15 (IC) SSH
  • 15 (IC) IW
  • 15 MNC
  • 15 SEAL Jacks
  • 15 Neg. Merkins

Handoff to Van Damme.

Van Damme used the magic number of 365 for our next evolution.  365 days Bourne will be away from his family.

We all got into groups of 4 – while 2 did the exercise 2 ran the loops around the parking lot.

  • Round 1 – 365 Burpees
  • Round 2 – 365 Flutters
  • Round 3 – 365 Big Boy Sit-ups.

Omaha for time.

We moseyed back to the parking lot as a group.

The word of the month is ‘Control’.  There is a lot of control when NASA or SpaceX sends a rocket into space. If the rocket on the launch pad was off mark by just 1-degree there could be disastrous

Consider this. If you’re going somewhere and you’re off course by just one degree, after one foot, you’ll miss your target by 0.2 inches. Trivial, right? But what about as you get farther out?

After 100 yards, you’ll be off by 5.2 feet.
After a mile, you’ll be off by 92.2 feet. One degree is starting to make a difference.
In a rocket going to the moon, you’d be 4,169 miles off (nearly twice the diameter of the moon). You’ll miss the moon for sure.
Traveling to the nearest star, you’d be off the course by over 441 billion miles Over time, a mere one-degree error in course makes a huge difference!

My Grandfather was a Glider Pilot in WWII.  On each mission, he carried a compass to get him to the battle. Once he landed he used the compass to find his LZ. Then once on the ground, unloaded his troops and cargo he used the same compass to find his way into battle and his way home.  Gliders were unpowered and each mission was a were a one-way flight there and a one-way fight back home.

God has also given us a compass in the form of his word. Whenever we find ourselves off course by just one degree we can use his word as a course correction.  Space Ships have to do it all the time when the space crafts get bumped off course.

Bourne through God you are going to be a guide to hundreds of soldiers in a place they may get off course from time to time.  Even one degree can mess a guy up. You already know you have the word as your compass. But take that compass – on loan – which helped one soldier get home may it also bring you home too.

Great workout men! Great Q Van Damme!


Popeye OUT!

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