1 Old Guy chasing two Gazelles at BTC

    • When: 10/04/17
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Penny Pincher, Honeypot, Anchor Bar

It has been so long since YHC has posted at BTC I had forgotten it has moved to 0500 and is an hour long workout.  Had Honeypot not posted an announcement on FB the previous night, I would have been late.

A disclaimer was given.

Warmed up with
Windmill 15 IC
IW 15 IC
CP 15 IC

Moseyed to Lakeshore Pkwy intersection.
From light pole to light pole
Side Shuffled
Side Shuffled

Rinse & Repeat for the next set of four light poles

Moseyed to Comporium Flagpole and planked for six (that be me).

Penny Pincher led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Moseyed to path around pond.
Each bench along the path we performed  10 burpees OYO

We stopped at the hill at the far end of pond for sevens
CDD – bottom, Squats – top
Bear Crawl – up, Crawl Bear – down

Continued Mosey around pond and 10 burpees OYO at each bench.

Moseyed back to AO.

Because there were only three of us, we Omahaed from Catch Me If You Can to Four Corners
Lap 1 – 10 Merkins at each corner
Lap 2 – 10 LBC’s

When I planned this workout, I only planned for 45 minutes forgetting about the AO change.  I gave Penny Pincher an opportunity to lead a routine.  We continued with Four Corners this time performing One Legged Squats (five each leg) at each corner.

I then turned it over to Honeypot for the next routine.  What a big mistake!!!  He had us perform Parking Space Merkins.  This consisted of alternating between a Merkin and a Diamond Merkin around the perimeter of a parking space.  That was a whole lot of SUCK and I let him know.  LOL!!!

We did one more lap of Four Corners with five American Hammers (side to side being one) at each corner.

We rounded out the hour with a little Broga.

Announcements and Prayer Request & Praises

-Anchor Bar out

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