Co Q at PHOP

    • When: 10/04/17
    • QIC: Bill Nye, Mr. Big Stuff, Chuckie, Hot Sauce, Mud Puddle
    • The PAX: Chuckie, Kashmir, Hot Spot, Friday Night Lights, Mr Big Stuff, The Big Fundamental, Tinker Toy, Hot Sauce, Mud Puddle, Schrute, Pink Panther, Bill Nye

In the dark and chilly gloom of the morning 12 men gathered. They put aside differences and began to sharpen the iron that creates a physically strong, mentally awake, and morally grounded leader.

3 was the number for the pre-run.

9 more joined later for a boot camp that coalesced from nothing more than the sweat of men experienced in the art of bringing pain for the betterment of the group.

Tha Thang:

First came Bill Nye, The Science Guy- “In Cadence!” he cried

25 Sides were straddled, 20 Night clubs, 15 imperials, 11 merkans were battled

Then stations were built and arms were burned

1 minute each with 20 seconds to change stations- Tire flips, hammer strikes, Dips, Cindy Bell Swings, and Chest presses.

Followed by a mosey

Whence they returned Bill’s part was adjourned and the Eagle was put on the spot:

Mr. Big Stuff

Burpee King of The Hill- Yeah it’s a thing. It’s so bad I would count on seeing it again. A race to complete 5 burpees, looser takes a lap. Two new men enter the ring and battle it out.

Followed by 3 high 5 burpees.

Chuckie, our local All Star, chipped in and said we should do some partner Cindy circles and then 3 high five burpees. So we did.

The muy caliente Hot Sauce added his spice of 20 partner leg presses each. Followed by 3 high five burpees.

The mighty Mud Puddle thought that all of this block work was silly. His contribution was a fun game called 20/10. 20 seconds of Merkans followed by 10 seconds of rest. For three minutes. The man is a masochist. I know this because he followed up this awfulness with… 3 high 5 burpees.

Indian run to the wall for some wall sits, derkins, and a little bit more sitting. On the wall.

Indian run back home.

Clean up gear and form the ball of man.

A few things stand out from today:

Kashmir can freaking burpee. Undisputed King of the Ring- even brought the mighty Tinker Toy to a tie. Tclaps for the progress brother.

Tinker Toy is still (way) more of a beast than me- after 7 miles he kept up with Kashmir in the race to 5 burpees. There is a reason this man is the standard we measure things by in the Rock Region.

Schrute’s idea of a laid back pace is about an 8:05 minute mile that he holds for over an hour. #RunningGoals I appreciate all of the support you have shown me in and out of F3.

Chuckie defines respect. Seriously, let’s print a bunch of pictures of the man and send them to Merriam-Webster.

Hot Spot is just strong all around. Merkans, running, lifting- he’s got it all!

Friday Night Lights has been a great addition to the group- keep posting at PHOP brother, I appreciate your light hearted and genuine approach to the workout.

Mr. Big Stuff is a HIM. That would be enough to say for most men but I need to point out how he pushes the entire group with his creativity and thoughtful approach to things.

The Big Fundamental has quickly become a PHOP mainstay. Come out for his VQ on 10/25- He’s going to bring it!

Hot Sauce has been here long enough to be an old timer. I still can’t believe the was-now that this man has worked for. Always supportive. Always positive. A Rock Region pillar of strength. Thanks for your leadership.

Mud Puddle has only posted at PHOP a few times but I hope you keep it up man. The mumble chatter is strong with this one. It’s too early to not have someone kick up a little good natured commentary and bad natured exercises. Have to put you on the Q schedule soon man.

Pink Panther is the PAX equivalent of duct tape. There have been times he drove the mumble chatter. There have been times that he hasn’t said a word all workout. But he is always where he needs to be. If we need a leader, he is there. If someone is lagging as the six, he is there. Your flexability is awesome and I appreciate the work you put in. Looking forward to your Q next week- hope it doesn’t cause too much chaos at home.

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