18 for a ManU good time

    • When: 10/05/2017
    • QIC: Herbie
    • The PAX: Roxanne, 155, Polymer, Yolk, Fellini, CrackerJack, Reborn, Picachu, IronSight, Anchor Bar, Jester, The Collector, Tombstone, Stinky, Pop-Up, Herbie, Italian Job

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, Warren G was on the streets trying ……   Ok, wrong intro, but it was a clear white moon this am.  18 men left their houses for a workout at ManU.  They got out of their cars, one HIM (Yolk) lost his car keys, but still pressed on.  It looked like Ironsight and Anchor Bar were already there for a pre-run.  Ironsight said he ran for 8 miles before and got up before 4.  That is intense.

Tha Thang:

15 SSH, 10 Diamond merkins, 10 wide grip merkins, 10 mountain climbers and 10 Carolina Dry docks.

We then proceeded to mosey to Manchester Park, (155 has some secret squirrel hidden paths to get there).  We found ourselves at the bottom of  a grassy knoll.  We then proceeded to bear crawl to base of hill, Nerb up the hill, and did 25 bombjacks, this was repeated except 20 burpies were completed at the top.

Picachu told us a little bit about himself and his passion for children and God.  I always enjoy getting to know the PAX a little better.

We then took a mosey following 155’s secret path back to the movie theater.  We then partnered up and one partner sprinted to the end of the parking lot and back while the others did flutter kicks, then Prison cells.  We then did Lieutenant Dans to the entrance of the theater.

I decided to mosey back to the AO in Moe’s parking lot, we then got in a  plank position and did more diamond merkins because Tombstone was really sad he missed them at the beginning of the workout.  We then did some ab-lab, flutter kicks, Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, LBCs and 6 inches and held for a solid minute. We also did a 15 count of moroccan night club just for giggles.

We then went and found a nice wall for some wall sits and did 10 merkins from each end until we met in the middle.

We moseyed around a few buildings and arrived back at the AO, we then took Yolk’s suggestion of the Ring of fire up to 3 merkins.  We were sweaty, tired but I can think of no better way to start the day.  I was honored to Q and it’s humbling to do so with such great HIMs.  Apache gave us a great reminder to reach out to our HIMs we haven’t seen in a few weeks and months to be there for them as friends.  Reminder that we are here to love Jesus and to love our fellow man.


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