Two Q’s is better than one…except in this case

    • When: 10/09/17
    • QIC: Tinker Toy and Kelvin
    • The PAX: Jag (R), Schrute, Honeypot, Hot Sauce, Italian Job, Burgundy, Bill Nye, Reborn, Kelvin (QIC), Tinker Toy (QIC)

Warm up (In Cadence)
20 SSH
20 IW
10 WM
20 MNC


Mosey to Amphitheater
Reverse bear crawl derkins-2 per step
10 Burpee box jumps
Stair hops
Merkin claps-circle 5 Merkins with each person in your group times 3 or 4 (dependent great on group size)

Mosey to Parking deck
Level 1
 10 merkin jacks and 20 jump squats

Level 2
 20 Blastoff Merkins and 10 pull ups or dead hangs
Prison cell broad jump last ramp to level 3

Level 3
 30 Diamond merkins and 30 Apollo Ono’s
Bear Crawl to level 4

Level 4
 40 merkins and 40 Sumo squats (20 each side)

The PAX starts by running to level 1 and doing the exercise listed above, then they run back down to the lowest level, turn around and go to level 2 and perform that exercise. Then go to level 3 and continue using the same pattern until all 4 levels are complete. As you run down from each level, you perform the exercises on the lower levels on the way down.

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