Camino del Rio hill climb

    • When: 10/14/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Paper boy, Tom Tom, Ryder, Squad, Catfish, Flop, And Vuvuzela

7 hims showed up to sharpen some iron this beautiful morning. We circled up and did some stretches with SSH along with a small disclaimer

mosey to hill on side of day park

elevens (burpees and merkins). Hill was way taller than it looked so we Omaha at the 5th set

mosey to Goliath Hill we did

100lbc then lap up and around hill

75lbc then lap up and around hill

50lbc then lap up and around hill

25lbcs to finish off.

Mosey stop sign at COT for low slow squats

mosey to block wall at power station

three rounds of wall squats and Ball to wall with extra credit of 5 hand stand push ups

(flop showed skills as he flipped up for his hand stand)

Mosey to dog park

did my favorite BEAR CRAWL BURPEES

so we bear crawl til I yell AYE you jump up do one burpee. Then back to bear crawl. I yell AYE again and you do two burpees all the way to five burpees. I believe everyone was ready for those to be done.

Mosey back to COT and closed out with name o Rama announcement and praises prayers

I want to thank Vuvuzela for this opportunity!!!  It was truely an honor to Lead at this awesome AO

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