The Entrapment of Snooty

    • When: 10/14/17
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Bing, Drake (R), Shred, Pops, Kotter, Amazon, Underdog, Recall, Flipper, Viking, Chili Pepper, Pincher, LT (FNG), Rock, Fin, Olympus, Beaker, Pebbles, Defib (R), Sparky, Tex, Postal (FNG), Old School, Check Mate, Beamer, Pilgrim (FNG), Whit, Reborn (QIC)

Today I had the privilege to Q at Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota, FL at one of F3s fastest growing Mustard Seeds. Thank you to Bing, originally from The Fort Region, and the rest of the PAX for allowing me to join you on this humid Saturday morning in the Sunshine State.

Real Quick: This is an extremely fast growing Mustard Seed that will soon be an F3 Region. This reason has great leadership and is empowering other men to be leaders within the community.


After I gave the F3 disclaimer and reminded the PAX of the 5 principles of F3, we began the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Merkins, & Peter Parker Peters.


We started off the morning with a very short mosey to the pavilion where we partnered up to perform the following all in cadence on the picnic tables: Irkins, Dips, Derkins, & Step Ups. Partner 1 ran to the second soccer goal while the other partner performed the exercise. This flip flop.

We then moseyed over the the second soccer field of the park where I had previously set up five cones for a round of four corners. At each cone was a list of exercises that the PAX would go through and then head to the next cone performing the cardio exercise between them. The exercises at each cone were the following:

Cone 1-Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Diamond Merkins.

Cone 2-Squats, Lunges, Jump Squats.

Cone 3-Hand Release Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Makhtar N’Diayes.

Cone 4-LBC’s, Flutters, Big Boy Sit-Ups.

Between Cone 1 and 2 we shuffled. Between cone 2 and 3 we sprinted. Between cones 3 and 4 we performed karaoke. Between cone 4 and 5 and between cone 5 and 1 we performed a nur (Backwards Run).

At cone 5 the PAX were to stop to wait for the 6 and perform the exercises listed there. The exercises were the following: Apollo Ohno’s, mountain climbers, & burpees.

At this point we had about 5-minutes left to go, so we moseyed back to the COT.

Throughout the morning when I felt that the PAX needed a break, I spoke on what is listed in the NMM.


Recently, in Bradenton, FL there was a manatee living in a local museum who was named Snooty. Snooty had recently celebrated his 63rd birthday and I’m sure was enjoying life at the museum. Unfortunately Snooty became entrapped in a loose panel of his tank that was in need of repair, and was unable to make it to the surface of the water to retrieve air. Snooty drowned in the tank on that day.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Reborn, why are you telling me this?’ Well, here is the answer. After investigation was performed, it was determined that the loose panel had been known about for over a week prior to Snooty’s death. The problem was that nobody repaired it, even though it was known about. Something that could have been easily repaired was not, and Snooty died. A lack of communication, accountability, and maybe even pride was a part of the reason.

As most of the men in this group know I have overcome a battle of addiction to alcohol. Only by the grace of God, was I able to be repaired by Him through ministries and other people who were willing to step up to communicate the problem I was blind to, hold me accountable, and make me do what I said I was going to do, without being prideful.

God repaired my heart first, then the rest of life was repaired. However, without the encouragement of other men and women in my life, I would have never made it. It wasn’t easy, but it is possible.

If you see an F3 brother who is entrapped, humble yourself, communicate your concern, and be willing to hold him accountable to overcome whatever it may be. If you feel entrapped by some sin, humble yourself and communicate it to another F3 brother, and ask him to hold you accountable to overcome it.

Most importantly of all, if you are in this situation, reach out to the one who has overcome death on a cross for you and your sins and reigns victoriously at the right hand of his Father in heaven until he returns again. With God, all things are possible.

Philippians 2:8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.


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