OldTown Partner Push

    • When: 10/16/17
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Burgundy, Sandlot, Herbie, Hotsauce, The Riddler, Schrute, PCH, Big House, Italian Job

I was joined Monday morning by 8 other men for a painful partner push and pull. Here’s what we did…

The Thang
· 25 SSHs (IC)
· 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
· 10 Good Mornings (IC)
· 25 Moroccan Night Clubs
· People’s Chair/Merkin Combo (Hold PC and take turns doing 15 Merkins of your choice)
· In groups of three, perform the dreaded Trifecta Merkin (everyone has their feet on someone’s back) x10
· People’s Chair
· Trifecta Merkins x15
· People’s Chair (IC)
Mosey to the parking deck
· Partner Up for parking deck Rugby Pushes
· Flap jack
· Bear Crawl up the ramp
· Crab Walk down the ramp
Mosey to the library
· Escalator Merkins (add 2 per step starting at 5)
· Omaha after 5 steps to dips
· Escalator Dips (add 2 per step starting at 5)
· 10 Partner Squat/Merkin Combo
· 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins
Mosey to Parking Deck
· Run first ramp, jog second ramp, run third, jog forth, run fifth, jog sixth
· 20 Cliffhanger Merkins (crowd pleaser)
· 20 LBCs (IC)
· Stretching (Butterfly, left leg out, right leg out, both legs out)
· Nur down 2 ramps
· Power Skip up 2 ramps (another crowd pleaser)
· 15 Pullups per partner
Mosey to the fire escape
· Climb 6 stories to the top while partner Squats
· Flap jack
Mosey back to COT

Cobains for the tardiness of this backblast. I’ve struggled this week to find time to type this up. Thanks fellas for accepting the challenge of the Trifecta Merkins. For those with a fear of heights, hope you enjoyed the climb up the rickety fire escape and the Cliffhanger Merkins from 5 stories up. For those with fear of shattering their ankles, thanks for attempting the Power Skips. For those that don’t like others in their personal space, hope the Rugby Pushes made you uncomfortable. Also, thanks for allowing me to Omaha from the Escalator Merkins. I think it was a welcomed change of pace.

My wife really enjoys home makeover shows. You know the ones where they buy a place looking like it should be condemned and turn it into a Southern Living show home. They all have the same premise: buy it, gut it, fix it, and sell it for a profit. Our Christianity is a lot like these shows. We live in our filth, we destroy our homes (body), then we accept Jesus who fixes up our mess and makes us more valuable. We have the choice to leave our homes a wreck or make an effort to clean them up.
I drive through the Wilmore neighborhood in Charlotte each morning I go to work. Some of the houses look like they are barely standing, while others are craftsman-style masterpieces. Ten years ago, they were all crumbling at the foundations. Investors came in and began flipping those homes. The median price has more than quintupled in the past few years.
Remember this analogy next time you watch HGTV. God created you, formed your foundation and made you structurally sound. You may have damaged the floors and walls, but if you are willing to invest your time and energy to be better, God – the best General Contractor ever (He did create the world) will turn you into a showpiece. All you have to do is accept the hand that is reaching out. You accept His help and put some sweat equity in yourself, and you can regain the glory He created in the beginning.

Italian Job

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