Tavern donkey kicks and goof balls

    • When: 10/19/17
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Ryder, Honey pot, Whitney, Herbie, Water Boy, Jester, Tombstone, White Hat, Mortimer, Roxanne

Foggy morning as pax gathered. We circled up gave the disclaimer and we began. To everyone’s surprise we did BURPEES!!!

10, 9, 8, 7, burpees

mosey to back of food lion

15 squats and sprint between light poles across  building

shared short word saying that A provision is sometimes Gods invitation.

6,5,4,3,2,10 burpees

5 merkins sprint between light poles across building

Lined up on wall for wall squats while at one end the pax started BTW for a 5 count

then did back down with a 10 count BTW

next came the fun part  donkey kicks and goof balls  we partner up and one did 20 donkey kicks while partner did goof balls across pavement then swapped for five rounds

gathered back on wall for 30 donkey kicks OYO

mosey back to COT for AB lab

Pax went around and called out workouts  then it was on me

we recovered and gathered up real tight for fast calf raises in cadence for a count of 40

spread out for count off, name o rama, announcement, prayers praises  I prayed us out then we were out

great push today  it was a tough one to get through but we did  it together



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