He’s Mad at The Puppy Beatdown!

    • When: 10/24/2017
    • QIC: Smiley Face
    • The PAX: Apache, PacMan, River Rat, Tom Tom, Socrates, Frying Pan, Windex, Fellini (R), Jelly, Reborn, Hee Haw (R), Whitney, Roxanne, Popeye, Jag (R), Cornerstone, 155, Bull, Bogey, Lucky Charm (R)

I consider Iron Academy to be one of the premier F3 Rock AO’s. Not because it is superbly lit, not because it has  “baby skin” smooth concrete parking accommodations, but because of the camaraderie that has developed as a result of some incredible site Q leadership. Not just one leader, but leader after leader in this AO just seems to get it…and we have fun despite the pain being inflicted! I was blown away by the number of Pax that were already on site. Popeye and Apache were in the studio while two or three different groups of pre-runners showed up. 155 and Fellini, Reborn, Jag pulls up and hops in the studio for a special guest appearance, Cornerstone arrived, Hee Haw cam in hot…I was blown away by the presence of the HIM’s not to mention the regulars.

This morning the honor was mine and I decided the theme of control would play a large part in the sweat equity we would invest in.

Warm Up:

Right shoulder across chest with Pax 10 count…rinse and repeat with left shoulder pax 10 count.

As Chuckie would say, left under right toe touch with Pax 10 count…right under left toe touch with Pax 10 count.

MNC IC for a 40 count…leave them up!

INC IC for a 40 count…leave them up!

Little Baby Circles IC for a 40 count…and this is where the Pax mumble chatter got personal…I heard the banter of “he’s mad at the new puppy” “puppy has him taking it out on us” etc…in fact…they reminded me a lot of the whining my puppy does that kept me up all night so there may have been just a little animosity and puppy angst coming through my efforts at control. Anyway, I digress…time for a mosey to the back side of Academy for the traditional Peoples Chair 10 count merkins working in from each end. I have to say that after frosting the shoulder the merkins were no fun at all. Bull finished up so we moseyed around to the bells and started our control by summarizing Colossians 2:6-7 explaining how this scripture, in two verses, describes what our journey from acceptance to growth to thankfulness can look like.

That Thang:

10 slow single count right arm curls, 10 slow single count left arm curls.

20 slow single count two hand curls.

Not sure why they kept trying to put the bells down…there is no rest under a control freaks Q!

10 slow single count right arm triceps extensions, 10 slow single count left arm triceps extensions.

20 slow single count two arm triceps extensions.

10 slow single count Murrey (can’t afford a John Deere) Lawn Mower Pulls Right side then Left side.

20 slow single count standing chest press

20 slow single count on your six chest press

A little James 4:13-17 summary regarding planning without first going to God and how thinking we are in control is tenuous at best as we are but a mist in the length of time we live.  Briefly discuss Psalm 90:10-11 with regard to control, our plans, and the short length of our stay in this life.

Mosey…rinse and repeat but add to the count! Again…more puppy hate mumble chatter…honestly thought I laughed more at the mumble chatter then normal as the Pax were in rare form.

Grab the Bells and mosey to the adjacent parking area for partner work.

Partner 1 Bell LBC’s while Partner 2 performs Bell Squats runs to opposite side to perform Bell Calf Raises and Back.

Switch out and rinse and repeat.

COT where things got real and the Pax brotherhood strengthened.

YHC on Q at BnB this Friday and James 4:13-17 will be under review.

Oh yeah…and then there is this…Pax may just have been right about the puppy thing!

Smiley Face Out!


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