The night time is the right time

    • When: 10/16/17
    • QIC: Pacman
    • The PAX: Limp Bizkit, Slow Pitch, Skylander, Headlights, Red October, Laces Out, Saddle Bags, McEnroe, Paperboy, Hot Spot, Pacman

Finally made it back to Night at the Museum! We had 11 guys out there ready to rumble in the night warmup as follows:

15 Each


Cherry Pirkers


Imperial Walkers

Hillbilly Walkers

We then Mosey to School Canopy Do these at each column of the walkway accumulatively kinda like 12 days of Christmas

First Column 5 burpees

Second Column 10 Merkins – So this would mean 5 burpees, 10 merkins Etc.

Third column 10 dry docks

4th 20 monkey humpers

5th 20 Squats

6th 25 SSH

So by the end you would do 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 10 dry dock, 20 monkey humpers, 20 squats, 25 ssh

Run a lap around school rinse and repeat at other covered walkway this time starting at the top and working our way down

Find a Wall and partner up – Partner one does goofballs while partner two does 20 donkey kicks x 5 rounds

Moseyed to the Parking lot – bear crawl between each parking line and do increasing burpees up to 5

Moseyed back to COT but stopped for some

Coupon Work on the way out grab a stone and

Curls, swings, oh press, squats x 3 rounds x 20 reps

Then Mosey to Picnic Tables – Derkins, Erkins, Dips x 20


It was a fun time and definitely put this big boy right to bed afterwards! Can’t wait to come back out!

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