Wally World 10-26-17 Preparation Run

    • When: 10/26/17
    • QIC: Samurai
    • The PAX: Bulldog, Fryin Pan, The Riddler, Bill Nye, The Big Fundamental, Hot Spot, PCH, Boomer, Mongo, Ponytail(R), Mr. Big Stuff, Mud Puddle

I had the extreme honor to lead these 12 men in a running workout this morning.  The point of today’s run was Preparation not only in sports but life.

We started at 0500 on the dot with a few stretches and SSH, then off to Northwestern HS we ran.  First stop was the Aquatic Center for a word on preparation for a run or game and how this ties into your daily walk with family and work.  It is important to try and plan your day in advance to prepare yourself for what may come your way.  Learn to take changes in your plans and make the best of what is given without killing your day.  Take time in your day for your wife and kids, this is an important key to a healthy marriage and family life.

With this discussion we had a small change in plans this morning,  a PAX had a call of nature and instead of holding the entire group up we divided and conquered the run providing safety to both groups and we had a couple of PAX not run the entire 5 miles and divided again so we all could be challenged.  Great work guys

It was an honor to lead you guys this morning!!!!!!!!!


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