Muthaship brought to The Rock

    • When: 10/30/17
    • QIC: Longshanks
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Longshanks, Reborn, Canseco, Burgundy, Tinker Toy, Kelvin, Italian Job, Blueprint, Ryder, Hot Sauce, Vuvuzela

It was an honor to have Longshanks cross the river today to lead us in our Old Town workout. Thanks again for coming.

Below is what we did:


15 x SSH
15 x IW
15 x Moroccan Night Club

Mosey to the HotBox

1st round together.
Up the stairs, down the other set of stairs.
20 Carolina Dry Docks
Run to next level
40 Ssh.
Run to next level
10 Diamond Merkins
Run to next level
20 Flutter Kicks
Run to next level
25 Squats
Run to next level
10 Merkins
Run to next level
25 LBC’s
Run to the Top
30 Hip Slappers
Run Back to the starting stairwell and do 5 burpees.

Rinse and repeat U vs U for the next 40 minutes.

Mosey back to the flag for COT and BOM.

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