Arms, stairs and The Catalina Wine Mixer!

    • When: 11/2/17
    • QIC: Pacman
    • The PAX: Pacman, Jelly, Ryder, Chuckee, Tombstone, Whitney, Van damme, Vuvuzella, Waterboy, White hat

10 was the count on a nice warm November morning. YHC spent some time digging in the exicon for some new ideas and decided it was going to be arm day. Disclaimer given and away we go.

Warm up 20 each



Baby arm circles

Annie (plank with arm circles kinda like waxing the floor)

Baby Arm circle

(10) Catalina Wine Mixers Starting in plank position, go down onto each arm into a elbow plank. Last arm down becomes the first one to go back up into a plank. Then do a merkin. That’s 1. I was hoping prestige world wide (wide wide wide) would show up today during the workout.  Brutal Merkin that I hope to use again soon. it will makes its way back in rotation.

Mosey to parking lot across street at gym


This exercise was OYO. Lined up across parking lot. Perform 1 Burpee : 4 lunges forward until you reach other side of parking lot. Turn around rinse and repeat

find a wall at the old gym

Ascending testicles (2x)

wall sit for 10

Australian Mount Climbers (20 x2)

wall sit

Headed the curb in front of the new gym and dude curb alerts Pax in push up position alongside curb, and walk hands up and down the the curb as if they are drumming like the legendary Herb Alpert.  Did 3 sets with a mix of calf raises in between for active rest

Mosey to Stairs Partner up Partner one bear crawls up the stairs runs across landing and back down partner two does AMRAP Merkins, Squats, SSH, Diamond Merkins

After this set we moved to top of stairs for more stair runs anencephaly Merkins

Mosey Back to COT  For three mins of jack webs 1:4 ratio.

Prayers for Vuvuzella as he has a new little one on the way in the next two days!  Prayers to Chuckee as he takes on the new leadership position for the third  F.

It was an honor to lead these men in the gloom!

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