Never too much

    • When: 11/3/17
    • QIC: PonyTail
    • The PAX: Mr Big Stuff, Walker (R), Pink Panther, JAG (R), Anchor Bar (R), Reborn, Hermey, Jester, Samurai (R), Ryder, BluePrint, Mounty, Danger Zone, Honey Pot, Sandlot, Italian Job, PonyTail (R)

16 HIM’s of the Rock Region joined YHC to unfartsack themselves to post with me at The Commons on a gorgeous full moon morning. My plan today was to keep the workout very close without too much running as several PAX were participating in the Fastest 5k the following day. Several PAX rolled in after a pre run and at the appointed hour we gathered to warm up.


We we started with some SSH and seal jacks followed by some cherry pickers and light stretching and then we rolled out for a short mosey to the other end of the parking lot in front of Tuesday Morning.


The Thang


Approaching the parking rows we did Toy Soldiers up, followed by butt kickers down and a shuffle back up the 3rd lane where we then gathered in a circle to engage our cores. This consisted of the following:


50 flutters

30 modified V ups I called L ups

30 box cutters


Afterwards we gathered in a small tight circle and did 50 calf raises in cadence followed by a mosey around the building. Once we returned we formed 2 lines and did a set of Merkin claps with out partners in plank position. This was then followed by a round of crab crawl to the light pole and crab crawl back adding 5 Merkins each time a light pole was reached. This was a total of 75 Merkins for each of the PAX followed by another mosey around the building where we then gathered in front of the flag at the Post Office where JAG led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. I took a few minutes here to share with the PAX that Italian Job and I had the opportunity to view a screening the night before of the documentary titled I’ll Push You. The story chronicles the 500 mile trek two men made across Spain in an annual pilgrimage. One of the men suffers from a neurological disease and his friend volunteered to push him in a Speed for Need type chariot. These 2 men genuinely loved each other and the story was very moving. My 2 takeaways and challenge for the PAX was you can never love others too much and you can never do too much to be in service to others. How can we live this way as Christ taught us to live a sacrificial life?  Once we finished we gathered back in front of Tuesday morning for some more core work followed by a Ring of Fire where each of the PAX did Merkins in rotation 1-5. Then we ran suicides across the parking lot followed by a trip to the wall where we did people’s chair and BTW with Merkins outside to the middle followed by 2 rounds of 15 Derkins. Our time together was drawing to a close so we gathered back where we started and closed out our time together with some Ab Lab.


We we closed out the morning with a name o Rama followed by several prayer requests and praises and announcements. Most notable is the Christmas party on December 2nd. Details still being finalized. Thanks to BluePrint for the opportunity to lead.


PonyTail out


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