Marks of a Man – White Oak Conference Center

    • When: 11/04/17
    • QIC: Polymer
    • The PAX: Cracker Jack, Woody, FNG (Adobe), FNG (Lion)

So I said when I first said in announcements that my church was hosting this men’s conference (Marks of a Man) that I would Q a workout…so guess what, I followed through.  I didn’t know if anyone would show up or not.  I spent some time talking to two HIM that I knew were already connect to F3 to make sure that I wasn’t going to be leading a PAX of 1 on Saturday morning. I also continued to work on 1 HIM that hadn’t posted yet, but I had been EHing for several months. We also picked up another HIM who wasn’t on my radar, but was on Cracker Jack’s.

So we met at the fire pit at 0530 while 95 other men were fartsacking in their rooms and after giving the disclaimer and the 5 peices of an F3 workout, we were off.


  • 15 Hillbilly Walkers (4 count – IC)
  • 15 Low Slow Squats (4 count – IC)
  • 15 SSH (4 count – IC)
  • 15 Imperial Walkers (4 count – IC)

The Thang

  • We started off by doing 2-laps around the fire pit area followed by an exercise OYO
    • 2 laps; 10 irkins
    • 2 laps; 10 dips
    • 2 laps; 10 dirkins
    • 2 laps; 10 step-ups
  • Next, we moseyed to the basketball court about a 1/4 of a mile away. Once there we did some 11’s
    • 1 Merkin to 10 bombjacks (run down and nur back)
  • I then gave an activity pause and shared something that was on my heart from my devotional that morning.
    • This is from Zoweh Ministries, a ministry led by Michael Thompson, Daily Orientation (an email devotional that you can get sent each morning.)
    • Being Loved is the most important thing in the universe. We have gotten a bit off track the past couple 100 years and made service and obedience the most important thing. But service and obedience are the fruit, not the goal. The goal is intimacy and connectedness with God; being loved by Him, experiencing it, enjoying it, knowing it from not only a place of truth but from a deep place of feeling it. I know, many have said, “Love is not a feeling” to which I must say, “non-sense.” The men and women who hung out with Jesus felt something, enjoyed something, they experienced something, and that something was Love, itself—Love personified—and they wanted to be around Him all the time.
    • About this time, my phone alarm went off to call someone and wake them up. Some backstory to help you understand: Friday night after our session, we were all heading out to the fire pit for some fellowship time when an older gentleman pulled me aside.  I didn’t know him, but he asked me to call him in the morning to make sure he was awake in time to make it to breakfast at 7am.  He asked if I was going to be up by 6am, to which I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’ll be working out around that time.”  He gave me his cell number and I didn’t think anything about it until later that night. I wanted to check his number in the church database so I was sure that I had it correctly, and I happened to glance at his birthday.  He had just turned 90 years young back in the spring.  I was blown away.  Here was a man nearing the end of his journey on this earth and he was at a Men’s Conference, trying to be a better man. May we all continue to believe that God isn’t finished with us yet.
  • We then moseyed over to the volleyball court, which was next to the basketball court:
    • 25 step-ups
  • We were getting close to time, so we moseyed back to the fire pit
    • 25 LBC’s (OYO)
    • 25 Hello Dolly’s (4 count – IC)
    • 25 Flutter Kicks (2 count – IC)
    • 25 Moroccan Night Clubs (4 count – IC)
    • 25 Overhead Presses (4 count – IC)
  • Name-o-Rama
  • Named the FNGs
    • Adobe – the graphic designer who works in the church office with me
    • Lion – man devoted to prayer like Daniel; he is also a high school history teacher who’s favorite historical period is the Revolutionary War and likes Alexander Hamilton who was nicknamed “Little Lion” for his lean stature and intelligence.
  • Announcements and Prayers

There have been a few times in my past where I replaced “relationship with God” with “service to God”. I have gotten upside down in that regard and had to do some work to get my focus back in the right place. The same goes with our Ms and 2.0s.  It is so much easier to serve than to have a relationship. Relationships are messy and if we are not careful, we have a tendency to run and hide. But as HIM, we know that we need to engage those around us. Service is a necessary part of what we do, but it should never be primary. The relationship should always come first.

Polymer Out.

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