Gear & telephone poles at PHOP

    • When: 11/08/17
    • QIC: Catfish
    • The PAX: Vuvuzela, Van Dam, Wylie Coyote (FNG), Frying Pan, Big Fundamental, Canseco, Hot Sauce, Bill Nye, Dawg Pound, Lock Pick, Kashmir, Mr. Big Stuff

PHOP is The Rock’s only AO with cinderblocks, tires, sledge hammers, battle ropes, fire hoses, buckets full of rocks and now sections of telephone poles!

With this being a gear AO YHC couldn’t see much running so we managed a quick CoP of windmills, walkers & Hot Sauce still complaining over the beast from last week. To shake out the rest of the stiffness we moseyed around the church and grouped up in 3’s (next time partner pairs rotating through would be better).

The idea was for two of the trio to do partner squats while holding a telephone pole on their shoulders. The third partner was to run the length of the church while farmer carrying a couple of cinder blocks. I think everyone got enough of each excerises but the transition was tough – next time rotating sets of partners would solve that (always learning). Rinse and repeat

From there we transitioned to partners playing catch the rolling tractor tire while the other pair of partners lunged the width of the parking lot while carrying Cindy in their arms. Rinse and repeat

Then it was time for the bearcrawl cindy slides (start with cindy between your feet in the bearcrawl position, then reach back with your right hand and pull cindy forward, crawl forward until she’s back between your feet and slide her forward with your left arm) across the parking lot. This was sooo good we had to repeat it just to make sure we were doing it right!

We swapped our large cindy’s for the solid concrete blocks and cusaked to the lawn in front of the church.

The PAX lined up and started cindy tosses with a burpee pick up (throw cindy as far forward as you can, mosey up to her, do a burpee and bring Cindy up with you) for about 50 yards, turned around and pushed back to the start. Then we rinse and repeated.

As the PAX caught their breath we held cindy overhead for a couple of 10 counts, because who does enough shoulder work?!?

Moseyed back to CoT to drop off cindy, took the long way around the church to the front for some ab lab and wrapped up at CoT.

Van Dam – Thanks much for bringing Wylie Coyote out! It was such an honor watching  him embrace and thrive in the gloom!!


Catfish – out!

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