Being equipped

    • When: 11/7/17
    • QIC: PonyTail
    • The PAX: HoneyPot, BluePrint, Big House, Boomer, The Big Fundamental, Canseco, Klinger (Respect), PCH, Mongo, Slow Pitch, Mr Big Stuff, Ryder, PonyTail (Respect)

12 HIM’s of the Rock Region joined YHC on a great morning to run at Wall Street.  Sandlot asked me to fill in a day prior for a special Site Q Q and I was glad to help.  Told the PAX that gathered this morning that today would be all running after the great Q that Penny Pincher had given the prior day at Old Town and there was no disagreement.  The plan for today was simple.  We were going to go to the HotBox and back or out for 30 and back as Boomer put it.  After a quick warm-up and light stretching I told the PAX that if you found yourself running out front for any length of time, come back for the six and get some extra distance in


The Thang:


Simply put we ran down India Hook, crossed Cherry Road and headed up Oakland Ave.  We all ran for the most part in very conversational tones and had some great conversations as we trudged along.  We talked about prayer concerns, mission trips, families, our kids successes, and many other things.  Several of the cheetahs in the group were good enough to come back several times and we all had a great morning.  Nearly all of the PAX made it to Hotbox in time and we ran to the top, enjoyed a nice breeze and began the road back.  We made it back to the AO about 2 minutes late and I apologized to the PAX for the delay but they were all good enough to overlook my tardiness.  In the end, all the PAX got in at least 5 miles and a few got in 7.  We finished up discussing difficult times and how we react.  It’s important to remember that God is equipping us when hard times are plentiful.  While we don’t always know or understand God’s plan, it’s comforting to know he does have a plan and he will use our successes, failures, and setbacks for his Glory if we will allow him.


We closed with announcements (read the newsletter), prayers & praises.  As of this writing, we are excited to announce that Abigail Cardona has entered the world.  Congrats to our brother Vuvuzella and his family – very exciting!


Thanks Sandlot for the opportunity & please know that all the PAX of the region love & support you and are praying for your family


PonyTail out –

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